What is Skyscraper ad?

A skyscraper ad is a vertical thin – tall banner which appears in a website or social media sites. In fact, Skyscraper ad is one of digital advertising terms.

Sizes of Skyscraper ad

Skyscraper ads are 500 to 800 pixels (and widths often ranging from 120 to 160 pixels).

Most common Skyscraper size – 160 x 600 pixel

This long vertical known as a wide skyscraper is quite popular dimension. Therefore, you will be finding this ad in many websites like news site, games portal, and even in various blogs.

Types of Skyscraper ad by dimension

DimensionNameMaximum size
120 x 600Skyscraper150 KB
160 x 600Wide Skyscraper150 KB

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