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Copyright Registration Services

At Dezain Hut, we offer end to end copyright registrations services from filing, objection handling to copyright infringement.

Copyright can be filed for following types of the work: 


  • Copyright protects original work of an author in his/her literary, dramatic, musical, artistic works, etc. from use by any third party without any express consent of the Copyright owner.
  • Sound recording or audio recorded files, Cinematograph film (including films, videos, cartoon films, etc.).
  • Artistic work (including a painting, a sculpture, a drawing such as a map, chart or diagram, an engraving, a photograph, architecture/ artistic craftsmanship.
  • Dramatic work (including theatrical plays).
  • Television/radio/movie scripts, movie/television plots, choreography.
  • Musical Works (including songs, tunes, melodies).
copyright registration

We at Dezain Hut also deals with the complex matters such as Copyright infringement matters, Copyright registration process, Licensing of Copyrighted work, Enforcement of Copyright, Responding to Copyright objections etc.